On Mexico's SOUTHWEST PACIFIC coastline.

We are excited to announce that not only do we still offer the prime and unspoiled fly fishing extravaganza in
, but we now offer a host of new fly fishing opportunities from our gorgeous, beach side location - THE VILLASCARRIZALILLO in Puerto Escondido.

Explore fly fishing still offers the great unspoiled fishing opportunities from the quiet beachside PARAISO DEL PESCADOR. Nestled between Mazunte and Zipolite, San Agustinillo is one of the most rustic locations in mexico for super hot fly *and conventional gear fishing. For fly fishermen, the beach and rocks right in front of the hotel offer a variety of species including bar and crevalle jack, and even roosters...a few hundred meters from your room you can catch giant dorado, yellow fin and sails... pretty much every equatorial pacific species is here... the entire coastline, and offshore currents are filled with tenacious game fish, a variety of whales and porpoises, sea turtles and birds.

THE HOTEL PARAISO DEL PESCADOR is a small rustic hotel with air conditioning and a great restaurant, it's clean and modest...for small groups and individuals interested in fishing their guts out, swimming and snorkeling, eating and siestas, and then fishing more, our operation in San Agustinillo is a basic no frills alternative to high end resorts.

NEW! And now, only 45 minutes from San Agustinillo, we offer an upscale but not out-of-reach alternative for larger groups, families and individuals interested in self-contained and fully equipped accommodations. --- the Villas Carrizalillo is a modern, gorgeous villa complex in the quiet suburb of Puerto Escondido, called Playa Carrizalillo.

Nestled atop the tropical hillside, the villas overlook the western pacific from a prime vantage point. Watch schools of tuna, sails and mackerel, thrashing the sea from the patio bar, or from your room. Luxuriate in your air conditioned rooms, access wireless in-room internet, cook your meals and snacks in your own kitchen, or dine at the new restaurant. Swim in the the ocean from the clean, safe Playa Carrizalillo or in the new pool. Relax, get a massage, take up private yoga lessons, and entertain guests and friends or families... In your private villas, and in the manicured gardens and patios. Tie flies and spin lies in the fishing lounge or take fly casting and tying lessons from Explore's head guide and founder, Eric Weissman.

We have special villa units just for fishing parties and their families... fish the marlin and sail fish rich waters from Escondido to Roca Blanca, take special excursions to the Chacawa lagoon and fish for huge snook, or take guided trips to the nearby shorelines and beaches for giant jacks and roosters!

For those who want to accompany their fishing companion on the trip, but don't fish, the "villas" offers a beautiful location to relax, or to set up trips to the exciting markets, restaurants and other sites in and around Puerto Escondido, or simply to lie in the sun or shade and read a book.

From the villas you are only steps from great restaurants and bars.

Stay for a couple of days, a week or a month... learn spanish or just fish!

The villas are 5 minutes from the airport and 5 minutes from downtown, and 30 seconds from the water...

Both of our locations offer serious opportunities to catch the following species, - sails, marlin, swords, sharks, sierra, common mackerel, bar jack, crevalle jack, rainbow runner, amber jack, black jack, big eye jack, grouper, snapper, palametta, giant needles, dorado, snook, roosters, black skipjack, wahoo, look downs, yellow fin tuna, skipjack tuna, and more.


San Agustinillo and Puerto Escondido are approximately 40 miles apart. They share some of the best coastal waters in the world. Long fishable beaches, rocky outcrops, submerged reefs and volcanic mounts, deep drops and shelf lines dot the coastline between these two fine locations. San Agustinillo and Puerto Escondido are on the southernmost stretch of coastline in Mexico, they confront powerful currents only yards off shore and the fish love it here! It is normal to witness schools of jacks and black skip jack which run for up to ten square miles, while sails, marlin and dorado feast on them.

Between December and May we hammer tons of tuna just a few hundred yards off the beach all the way up and down the coast. In fact, we get such diversified catches on a daily basis, running from San Agustinillo to Puerto Escondido that we now offer this coastal fishing safari to our guests.

Pick a location, San Agustinillo or Puerto Escondido as your "home" base. Check into your room and start fishing the local waters. In a day or two, we will fish you up the coast (or down the coast) to our other location. Fish that location for a couple of days and then we will fish you back again to your original home base. In this way you will fish both locales and much of the active water in between. While in either home base location, we can arrange for special excursions to local surf fishing sites, rivers and lagoons. When you move from one location to the other, we will taxi your belongings and gear to you so you don't have to worry about it. The gear and luggage will be waiting for you in your room. Relax, fish and see a lot of water from two great fishing locations. This option is available to groups and individuals, on a minimum 5 day booking. (extended one day coastal trips from either location can be arranged).

This is the perfect opportunity to see what the Pacific has to offer and to witness a beautiful coast line, while seizing the opportunity to realize your FLY FISHING DREAMS.

We look forward to seeing you in San Agustinillo and Puerto Escondido.

To book, receive a quote or get more information, contact us.

*conventional tackle and non-fly fishing--- while we are primarily a fly fishing operation, we do offer conventional gear and bait fishing for non-fly fishers. All our guides and captains are equipped for non-fly fishing members of your party, or for strictly non-fly parties. We can even teach you to throw a net or take you spear fishing if you want.

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